Thursday, September 13, 2012

Will turns one!

It is hard to beleive it has already been a year since our little Will was born (actually, he wasn't so little at 9 lb 12oz).  It has been an eventful year, and we are so glad Will shared it with us! We had a birthday party last week while my parents were here and Will had a great time eating cake and playing balloons. The rest of us were highly entertained by watching his antics. That little guy is animated!  Here are a few pics I snapped today.... and later will post some pics from his party.

Will today- one year old!
Michael at one year old- 8 years ago

Will and the kitties.... to give you a glimpse into his personality.


The kitties are amazingly tolerant!

We call Will "BamBam." He loves to bang, throw, climb, laugh, and explore. He also loves to smile! And we all love him. We love you Will and are so thankful God gave you life. What a delight to be your parents.

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