Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anna's Birthday

Anna turning 9 this week in Iowa. She is an energetic, artistic, lovely girl. We love you, Anna!

Anna decorated this horse cake for her 9th birthday.

Turning 8 and celebrating with the Pittman family in Illinois.

7 years old! This was with her friends in Central Asia. There were a lot more that came that day!

This was another party for turning 7, this one with her English speaking friends.

And another..... this one with her Grandparents who were also living in Central Asia. She especially loved that you can see that her hands are decorated with henna in this picture.

With Grammy Spence.

Unfortunately, we lost the pictures in Central Asia for her 6th birthday, though we do have video of her party with local friends. That was a COLD winter and were unable to leave our town for any additional celebrations that year!

Here's the princess turning 5, also in Central Asia. She's holding silk flowers that were a gift from local friends.

This is also at her 5th birthday party. The few local girls we invited said, "Isn't she going to dress up?" She didn't look quite fancy enough and the princess dress (which actually would have satisfied her friends perfectly, hadn't arrived in the mail from Grandma yet!)

Turning 4 in Minneapolis, we were there for a couple of weeks visiting friends with baby Katie.

Here we are in Illinois with Grammy after our trip to MN, another beautiful cake!

3 years old in Central Asia, and we were able to celebrate with Papa and Grammy Spence.

Here are the kids we invited for Anna's third birthday, our neighbors. I think I served them hot dogs and french fries! Mikey is the baby sitting in the older girl's lap.

The top picture is Anna's first birthday and the bottom one is turning 2 in Thailand. We went there for a conference and vacation with Anna and baby Michael.

One years old! We had just arrived a few weeks earlier to our first home in Central Asia.

Monday, January 3, 2011

40th Anniversary Surprise Party!!

Here's Scott's parents walking into what they thought was a baby shower for their daughter.... nope, it was a celebration of their 40 years of marriage! Thankfully, they were truly surprised.

Here is the beautiful and delicious cake we all enjoyed!

Scott and his brother

Christmas in IL

Before leaving for IL, we had a family Christmas celebration. Thankfully, the weather was good for travel and we hit the road for Southern Illinois. We had a great week with the Pittman clan, culminating in a 40th anniversary surprise party for Scott's Mom and Dad. It was a great party and a great surprise!

With Uncle Travis and his friend who we enjoyed spending Christmas with

With Uncle Jason and Aunt Aimee and a new family member we are very excited to welcome in March!

Enjoying the Christmas snow!

Grammy came up with the fun game of making snowmen out of Daddy and Papa...

and then Michael and Anna...

and last but not least... Katie.