Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Fun

We have continued to travel a lot this summer to see family as well as enjoy life at home. The kids were all able to attend a class at the local community college's summer kid's program.
The kids love exploring, and it is even better with Grandpa. They have collected all kinds of bugs and rocks.

At a family reunion with Aunt Aimee

Katie enjoyed her cake decorating class right before the 4th of July!

Anna & Michael took a class about bugs and plants and made their own chia pets!

In Ohio with cousins and my aunt

And Great Grandpa and Grandma Nottke. When I asked Anna what she liked the best about Ohio, she said "swimming and Great Grandpa and Grandma." They had only seen the girls when they were babies and had never met Michael so it was very special to be together.

We had a really great time on a family vacation in Branson, and Papa and Grammy Pittman got to come and join in! We loved swimming, seeing some shows, exploring,visiting a cave and Silver Dollar City.

Last, but not least, I got to visit my new niece Ilaria Edith Baker,born on May 30. I flew to Boston the day my sister got out of the hospital and spent 10 days with her family.

Here's Ilaria all dressed up.