Saturday, May 17, 2014

Good bye party

 Anna's good friend's little cousin. He is adorable!

 All of the girls that threw a good bye party for  Anna and Katie.
 Anna's best friend.
 Anna thinks of these boys as her little brothers.

Small part of the huge table laid out!

Recent Sights and Celebrations

 We recently spent an afternoon and evening celebrating the end of our school year and expressing thanks to our teacher Jenny. While enjoying a picnic at a local site, this wedding party arrived.

Amazing dancing always accompanies the wedding party.

 Our sweet teacher and some of her students

 These musicians were also with the wedding party. (Anna took all these pics)

 A young entreprenuer sold us this tiny turtle for a dollar.

Later in the day, we enjoyed a great meal at a beautiful local restaurant.

 A week later we were traveling through Turkey on our way to spend the summer with family and friends. Right behind is a lovely store full of nuts and raisins and Turkish delight. I love this unposed shot.

 Anna and I ate this meal at a little cafe while the rest of the family ate chicken and rice nearby.

 Our sweet little cook that made the delicious meal above.

Will makes friends wherever he goes......

Monday, May 12, 2014

Beaded Banner

The girls and I made this banner for Easter this year. We used a metal frame that is used by our neighbors for beadwork.  He is Risen!