Saturday, January 30, 2010

And our biggest Christmas surprise!

Gramma Glo couldn't resist getting the kids a puppy named Peanut Butter. Kudos to her because she has to keep him at her house and he is VERY fiesty.

Helping with Multiple trees

OK- I know I am way behind, but we were blessed to help trim 2 trees this year- with Aunt Heather and Grammy & Papa Pittman

Thankful for 10 years of Marriage!

We had a bittersweet anniversary this year but were mostly extremely grateful to be together. Scott had been hoping for years to be able to take a trip together for our 10th anniversary. Unexpectedly, we ended up traveling to London- a not so romantic way to spend the day- dashing through airports and traveling with another family. But, we did get a night in London a week or so later! Last Sunday, we talked with a couple who have been married 70 years. Wow! May the Lord give us many more years together.