Saturday, February 19, 2011

Recent Travels

In January, we piled into the car and headed to Texas. Upon arrival we were thrilled to see Bibi and Papa, Uncle Mike, Aunt Heather, and Ilaria, and UM, AJ and their boys Parker and Jonathon. Above are all the cousins along with Aunt Heather and Bibi and Papa during our visit to Fort Worth's cow town.

We went through really great maze (Anna, Michael and I won and I have to say I never would have made it if I hadn't been with them!) Afterwards, Mikey and Katie visited this jail.

We got to see the long horns on procession. The go down this rode twice a day

Giddy up!

While we were together, we celebrated a late Christmas.....

Here's all the cousins on our trip to the zoo! We had great weather,and it was a beautiful day to see the animals.

This was the first time our kids met their cousin Ilaria. Anna loved helping out with her and giving her lots of love!

We visited the American Girl Doll Gallery and Bistro in Dallas. Wow! You can buy every American girl doll imaginable, have your doll's hair styled, and eat at the bistro. The girls thought it was pretty neat.

At the bistro, the dolls get a high chair and were served little dishes as well.

After we got back from Texas, Scott traveled a lot farther away. Here is one of his shots.

He was gone for 2 weeks and we missed him a lot! Lots of friends helped out and we got through it with God's help. While Scott was gone, I asked the kids where they wanted to go out to eat for being good while Dad was away. Anna loves buffets, so we decided on the Golden Corral. But then, since Daddy was coming home on Valentine's Day, Anna decided that instead of going to her favorite place she wanted to take him to a restaurant she knows he likes. The kid's concocted a whole scenario to surprise him. Very sweet!