Saturday, May 28, 2011

Track and Field Day

The kids participated in our home school coop's Track and Field Day on Monday. It was a beautiful day with lots of events and the kids had a great time! Scott was able to come and take lots of pictures and facilitate tug of war while I helped Michael's group of 7-8 year old boys make their way to all the events. As you can see from their faces in the pictures, the kids were very intent on doing their best! Anna was so pumped about how so well she did that she came home and did my hardest work out video. (The next morning she was so sore she said her bones were aching!)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Enjoying the Tulip Festival

Orange City, IA was settled by the Dutch and every year they have a Tulip Festival. Lots of folk dress up in traditional Dutch clothes, and there are tons of festivities including a great parade, great Dutch food (like pastries!), wooden shoes, and of course lots of beautiful tulips. It is a lovely city and we enjoyed seeing all the neat buildings and windmills. Here we are waiting for the parade to begin.

Cleaning the streets. There were tons of people, women and children, all dressed up and beginning the parade by cleaning the streets. I think in the Netherlands, they used to do this in preparation of the queen.

Scott was very brave and rode the Tilt a Whirl with the kids. I think he said he would never ride it again!

Here's Scott waiting with the kids for the parade to begin, followed by pics among all the lovely tulips.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

Here's three of my blessings this Mother's day! For breakfast, Anna really wanted to serve me breakfast in bed, which her dad happily fixed. It was delicious! After church, we headed to a state park for a picnic. It was a beautiful day and so wonderful to enjoy spring. We all had a ball. The kids had a great time walking across a big fallen log (with Daddy on hand at all times!) We also had a vigorous hike, lost the trail, were led back to the car by our fearless leader (who actually used a compass!) and even saw a running deer.

The day before, my thoughtful husband sent me out to get a massage! What a sweet gift and another Mother's Day blessing.

And here's another extra special Mother's Day blessing: to be carrying another precious baby! After multiple miscarriages, we didn't think we would be able to have this gift again. Thank you God for helping us to trust you again! Here are the first photos from a couple of weeks ago:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easter week with Bibi and Papa

We were so thankful to have my parents visiting for the week of Easter this year. Here's some highlights....

The Easter egg hunt!

Celebrating with Papa and Bibi

Ice cream to celebrate Papa's birthday
A visit to the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center

Dying the eggs

Monday, May 9, 2011

Education Fair

The kid's participated in a home school Education Fair this week. It was an amazing event with 70 + projects on display. There were judges for each category who went around and talked with each child about their project. Anna's art project was called "Michelangelo and Me." She learned about the artist, wrote a paper, and displayed his artwork as well as her own.

Here Anna is explaining her project to the judge. She received "Honorable Mention" for her age group and category. (kind of like 1st place)

Michael wrote a story which he illustrated about an alligator and a frog. He then wrote a paper about alligators and another about a frog and made a diorama of one of their habitats, the swamp.
Here's a closer look. He took this picture which doesn't show everything (like the trees and birds) but you get the idea. He did a great job!!!

Katie also did an art project and displayed various things she worked on this year. Katie also received "Honorable mention." The evening also included dinner and lots of musical and drama performances. It was great to be a part!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Special Occasions

Anna and Michael participated in a home school choir this spring and here are some photos from their concert. They memorized five songs and sang with gusto! We were glad Papa and Bibi Spence could be there with us!

Then came Awanas award night! We have enjoyed being part of the Awana's program this year and all three kids completed their books and got an award. Great job kids!!!

After receiving their awards, the kids enjoyed some snacks with their friends.

Anna has been taking a weekly art class at the public elementary school down the street this year and has loved it!! One of her pieces of art was chosen to be put on display at "Artworks 2011" where each school in the school district has their best works of art on display. We are so proud of you Anna for being chosen! Here she is standing in front of her painting of a tree.

Enjoying some of the photo opportunities at Artworks.