Sunday, May 22, 2011

Enjoying the Tulip Festival

Orange City, IA was settled by the Dutch and every year they have a Tulip Festival. Lots of folk dress up in traditional Dutch clothes, and there are tons of festivities including a great parade, great Dutch food (like pastries!), wooden shoes, and of course lots of beautiful tulips. It is a lovely city and we enjoyed seeing all the neat buildings and windmills. Here we are waiting for the parade to begin.

Cleaning the streets. There were tons of people, women and children, all dressed up and beginning the parade by cleaning the streets. I think in the Netherlands, they used to do this in preparation of the queen.

Scott was very brave and rode the Tilt a Whirl with the kids. I think he said he would never ride it again!

Here's Scott waiting with the kids for the parade to begin, followed by pics among all the lovely tulips.

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