Monday, May 9, 2011

Education Fair

The kid's participated in a home school Education Fair this week. It was an amazing event with 70 + projects on display. There were judges for each category who went around and talked with each child about their project. Anna's art project was called "Michelangelo and Me." She learned about the artist, wrote a paper, and displayed his artwork as well as her own.

Here Anna is explaining her project to the judge. She received "Honorable Mention" for her age group and category. (kind of like 1st place)

Michael wrote a story which he illustrated about an alligator and a frog. He then wrote a paper about alligators and another about a frog and made a diorama of one of their habitats, the swamp.
Here's a closer look. He took this picture which doesn't show everything (like the trees and birds) but you get the idea. He did a great job!!!

Katie also did an art project and displayed various things she worked on this year. Katie also received "Honorable mention." The evening also included dinner and lots of musical and drama performances. It was great to be a part!

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