Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our boys

Michael started a wresting class this week. It is a great way for him to use his boundless energy and it is in our neighborhood.  So far so good, he is enjoying it!

This is what happens when your hair is too long and you have older siblings.....

Friday, February 15, 2013

More antics

It has been a beautiful February. I'm sure these animals are glad it is warmer too!
Will's favorite word is "Julia" which is this doggie's name. Unfortunately, this dog is ferocious with strangers so we have been trying to get rid of her. But, she is gentle with Will and he talks about her ALL the time. (And calls basically everything by her name) He also enjoys playing with her big dog bowl.

The dog and can't aren't exactly Milo & Otis, but they have learned to live in the same yard together.

Turn left at the first "drive" and you are at our house! You can kinda see the mountains in the distance.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Long Awaited Arrival

Our Christmas packages have all made it! We stopped hoping they would arrive by Christmas and began hoping that they would make it at all, and this week the kids were so excited that this huge box from Papa and Grammy arrived.
Will dug right into the package along with his siblings. He laid right into it digging out goodies several times in all the excitement!

 He really likes his noise making toys- the one that makes animal noises makes him giggle.
"Courageous" hit the theaters before we left the States, but since we had a new baby, we didn't see it. Anna, however, heard enough good things about it that it became her favorite movie even without being seen. Now, she finally has it!!

The best thing about this pic is that it shows Katie's missing front teeth! She thought she had already lost them and somehow convinced me that her permanent teeth were lose. Thankfully, a more discerning friend looked at the teeth and assured us all that they were indeed baby teeth. The new ones are already on their way in!
This is a face of "Is this really what I think it is?" It is a remote control helicoper which is flying all over our house these days.

Wow! What a lot of wonderful stuff. Thank you Papa and Grammy. Everyone was so pleased and we so appreciate the thought and love that went into this special and eagerly awaited box. We love you!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Birthday Girl!

This lovely girl turned 11 last month and her Bibi was wondering when she could see some pictures!!!

Anna had patiently waited months to open the presents she had collected here because dilligent family members had brought/ sent gifts months in advance to cover all the kids' birthdays.

We had a nice day visiting a beauty salon and eating lunch at a Turkish restaurant before coming home to celebrate as a family.

Nails and hair done at the salon.

I love this happy smile! May your years be filled with smiles like this, sweet Anna.