Friday, February 15, 2013

More antics

It has been a beautiful February. I'm sure these animals are glad it is warmer too!
Will's favorite word is "Julia" which is this doggie's name. Unfortunately, this dog is ferocious with strangers so we have been trying to get rid of her. But, she is gentle with Will and he talks about her ALL the time. (And calls basically everything by her name) He also enjoys playing with her big dog bowl.

The dog and can't aren't exactly Milo & Otis, but they have learned to live in the same yard together.

Turn left at the first "drive" and you are at our house! You can kinda see the mountains in the distance.


  1. Love the photos, Wendy! You're doing a great job of capturing will's toddler-ness. Well done, friend! Thanks for going to the trouble to share your lives with those of us who are so far away but care about your family so much.

  2. I can't wait to walk those roads with my family ! and see those beautiful mountains! and rejoice in the Lord ToGEther..! close up ! and to hear the saints there and hopefully share with them however God wills !

  3. Everytime I see Will i think of how much time we have missed with him, I can't help it :( ! I need to start praying that the Lord supernaturally makes up the lost time with us and He gives us ways to make our time so special when we are there that even his little mind and heart will remember :)