Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Boy

Here are some pics from Will's birthday party. First, cake!


The balloons were a hit!

I have a lot of pics like this with his mouth wide open!

Opening gifts with a little help

He loves this little car- mostly he pushes it around the house

with Papa and Bibi

 On a totally unrelated note, I gave Anna the job of cooking dinner for us on Tuesday nights. This week, she wanted to make a Central Asian soup, which she loves. She also wanted to make homemade noodles, which she has seen local ladies make. I looked up the recipe for egg noodles on line, and we just had the soup. Delicious!!

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  1. Aww! Sweet boy. Such great pics of his 1st birthday! I can't believe he is one. Glad to see your parents Could be there too-they look great!