Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Fall Hike

Yesterday, we were able to do something I have been wanting to do since we moved back to Central Asia, hike in the hills and mountains all around! We enjoyed a beautiful day with friends.

Lissie posted some pics here

After her camera battery died, I pulled mine out and got a few more shots.

 We stopped here for lunch. We all enjoyed the food, the fellowship, and the water play! The water was very cold but refreshing.

 Will REALLY wanted to walk right into the water! Alicia (left) helped with Will and Peyton (right) spent a lot of time following Katie and making sure she didn't fall into the water.

 Our friends brought hot dogs to roast.

 Michael and his buddy Josh.

 Lissie and Alicia relaxing on a massive rock.


  1. What a fun day!! Looks like everyone had a good time. Made me laugh about Will and the water----I can only imagine the trouble he and Josiah would get themselves into! Oh my!

  2. oh, these are great pics. what a lovely day ! and michael was in his element...haha.. but i couldn't help but thinking about him being on rocks and that newly healed wrist...(grandmama kind of thinking, lol). love you all so much. momma

  3. Love seeing your pictures! God Bless!