Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guests and School Days

 We have had a full few weeks with my parents visiting and then our home school helper, Lissie, arriving. Lissie's parents brought her and we fully enjoyed having them with us for a few days. They are wonderful people and you can see pictures from their visit and learn about their family at their blog Unto Him We Live
You can also follow Lissie's blog Impassioned Purity

We started school yesterday and the kids (and Lissie!) are doing great!

 In the midst of all our guests, Michael broke his wrist! We are having trouble channeling all his energy these days since some activities are banned....

Pray for Lissie as she adjusts to being here. And pray that I would be wise in how I use the time that she is freeing up. Language lessons....... here I come!
Our baby Will turns one this week! We had a party last week with Papa and Bibi. Pics to come

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