Sunday, June 10, 2012

Settling in.....

We are in our own home, and I am sitting at our desk, looking at the beautiful view of  rolling hills out of our window. There are snow capped mountains in other directions.... After a lot of looking, we found a very nice, brand new house in the middle of the neighborhood we were searching in. The kids are happy that we are close to our last home, and all of their friends there.

Here's some pics of our view:

This has been a challenging transition for me. It is hard to keep moving and starting over and I have struggled to simply surrender that to the Lord and trust Him and His purposes in having us here. I still haven't found the rhythm of communion with my Savior that I desire. Partially because what I want may not happen until I see him face to face. But, I know more is possible here to.

 And here is my youngest precious. I am so thankful for my kids and this littlest one has been such a delight to all of us. And I have to say that there is nothing like being the most important person in your baby's eyes. I can't believe he is almost 9 months! He is going to be toddling around this new house soon.

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