Wednesday, February 15, 2012


We have been busy! Our sweet Anna turned 10 in January just before our BIG MOVE! She enjoyed celebrating with family and Grammy Glo fixed all her special requests. Uncle Jason made these balloon hats and such to celebrate. It is hard to believe how fast our girl is growing up. We love you Anna. You are so full of life and interest in everything. We love watching you grow up and pray you will love the Lord with all your heart, mind and strength!
Our Katie also lost her first tooth a few days before the BIG MOVE. She has actually lost a second tooth since. We learned that it is the custom here to throw a lost tooth onto the roof!

We have been very stretched during this BIG MOVE and it has been a bumpy road. Sickness, less than ideal circumstances, the challenge of adjusting for both older kids and a baby have been combined with laughter, answers to prayer, and lots of thankfulness for help from brothers and sisters both here and in the States. I have been so thankful that no matter what or where, the Lord is with us and I am surrounded by my precious family. What is there to complain about?!?

We are enjoying a few days in a neighboring country in order to get our visas in order. Back at home, internet is weaker and I haven't even been able to get on our blog much less post anything. So, though I want to keep posting, will just have to see what we are able to do!

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