Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Apricots, apricots, apricots!

 In the back of our house, there is a little orchard with about 15 (ish) trees. Apple, apricot, peach, pear, cherry, fig, plum, green plums (not sure what they are called..) and maybe more that we will discover later. There are 4 apricot trees. One gave it's fruit a couple of weeks ago but now 3 are chock full. We have apricots galore!!

 We have had apricot cobbler and pie. Yesterday, with the girls help, I canned 12 liters of jam! Tomorrow, I have a lady coming to help and we will make and can apricot juice. Today, apricot chutney is on the menu and since we are borrowing a blender to make the juice.... maybe apricot milkshakes or smoothies?

 Some of the jam we made yesterday. If you have any other ideas (and if I managed to fix the comment section so that you can actually leave them!) let me know!!

On an unrelated not, can you see the bruises on Will's face? The poor boy had a small tumble down stairs. We hope his last!

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