Sunday, June 17, 2012

Qurutoba Salad

We learned to make a new salad this summer! Anna loves it and told her Grammy Gloria all about it. We decided to show Grammy just what to do.....

 Here's what you need to make the salad: 1 lb tomatoes, 1 lb cucumbers, 3 onions, fatir non (bread, we substituted a nice thick fresh bread once...) dill, green onions, cilatntro, salt, qattiq. Qattiq is a sour milk product. I think you could subsitute yogurt or even a light cream.

Our friends here use these beautiful wooden bowls for this delicious salad. It is wide and shallow.
Lovely produce, isn't it!!

First, you have to chop everything up.

 The onions need to be sliced and carmelized in oil.

 Slice the cucumbers and tomatoes very small.

 Katie opted to help keep Will occupied. He is crawling and into everything!!

 You heat up the bread so that it is nice and hot and tear it into pieces into your bowl.

 Everything is ready to be added! On top of the bread, spread the carmelized onions. Then, put half of the tomatoes, cucumbers, and greens. We added boiling water and salt to taste to the qattiq (the milky stuff) to make it thin, like the consistency of a yogurt drink. Over the veggies, put half the qattiq (or whatever you substitute!) Then layer again, but put the greens (dill, green onions, and cilantro, parsley is also an option) on top. We customized for our family. Katie and Michael don't like the greens so we left a section without them. Dad doesn't like qattiq so we left that off his section....

Ready to eat! Our local friends eat out of a shared bowl with their hands. 

Come visit us and we will make it for you!!

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