Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Update

I was thinking this morning about sending an update to some family and to Lissie, who left a couple weeks ago after finishing a great school year teaching our kids! Then, I thought I would post the update here for others too....

 This week we began trying to establish a summer routine. We are doing a few school things, and though the first day back at Math was a little painful, they are all back on track! The neighbor kids are all out of school too, and the kids are enjoying lots of time with them. One of Anna's friends starting doing beadwork (on hats) and so now Anna is back at it. I guess it is a summer past time. Our kids are eager to join the kids for night time playing which starts around 8:30 pm or so, when our kids are headed to bed. I'm not sure what they are doing, but we do hear a lot of laughter and shouts after dark!

This week, 12 kids came to our English lesson.  We will see if they all continue through the summer.  We are also planning an activity time with some of the girls on our street once a week to play some games and do an art/ craft project together. My girls are excited about it! Hopefully, local language lessons for the kids will also start up next week.

The fruit in our yard is getting ripe. This week, we picked sour cherries, apricots, a few rasberries, apples, and little round black berries. Summer canning also began and we have our first round of jam and compote in the cellar.  We also started washing carpets this week (which means taking them outside to the concrete and scrubbing!)

We went for a beautiful mountain hike. We went to a new place which followed a river and we roasted hot dogs and played in the freezing water which feeds into the river.

A mama cat decided to bring her 4 tiny kittens into our yard. Much to my relief, she took them somewhere else after a couple of days. Our own mischievous cat is back to his old self after being sick for awhile. He is constantly trying to sneak his way into the house!

Will got into nail polish and drew on the wallpaper this week! He is finally enjoying bath time and playing in water again. He is in the early stages of potty training..... hopefully he will make some progress this summer.

We are making plans for a vacation in late July and in the meantime are acquiring more things!  From beds to a bread machine that Scott bought me this morning at a yard sale......

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  1. what a wonderful pic of baby Will ! He's absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to spend time with him :)