Sunday, June 2, 2013

Big Bash

Here I am ready for our guests to arrive! I decided to throw myself a birthday party this year and invite my neighbors. Here, the one having the birthday throws the party. As you can see, it is important to cover the tablecloth with food, food, and more food. We had 3 kinds of salads, cakes, other sweets, nuts and raisins, a birthday cake, drinks, various fruits, bread, meat pastries...... Once everyone arrived we served a soup made with stuffed green peppers. The highlight of the party were some party games. Grown women do not play games here, but my guests laughed a LOT and we had fun.

After the games, we served another course, the national rice dish. THEN, we served cake. My guests wanted me to blow out candles so here is Anna lighting them.

Guests also bring food, so we had a least 4  MORE cakes and sweet to put on the table....  Here I am serving the cake.
2 days later and I haven't needed to cook anything! Now, we only have CAKE left. (That won't be true for long....)


  1. What a spread of food! I think I'll stick with our traditional birthday celebration.

  2. Happy birthday, Wendy! I sure miss you and would have loved to help you prepare for such an involved act of hospitality!