Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer garden salad

This summer the kids are enjoying lots of time with friends. Anna has learned to make a yummy new salad from her girl friends. Yes, this salad does include fried foods. But, I figure that it  somewhat substitutes for an oily dressing....

Here's how to make it:


You can include more or less of what you like most. Pictured above is what we made: 3-4 small eggplants, a small chunk of cabbage (adds some crunchyness), 7 small potatoes, 2 big tomatoes, and 4 small cucumbers.  Next time, I would use more tomatoes and cucumbers or less potatoes..

Chop eggplant into small, narrow pieces.
Fry eggplant in oil until crispy.

 Chop cabbage into small pieces and cut up the cucumbers and tomatoes into small pieces.Also pictured above is the eggplant after frying. Remove from oil when done and set aside.

Chop potatoes and fry until crispy, like the eggplant.

Remove the potatoes from the oil and mix everything together, adding salt to taste.



  1. Oh my gosh,anna and wendy..that looks DELICIOUS! please make that for me when I come. Anna,if you are not already, you will soon be an awesome cook :). what a blessing to know how to cook at a good age as yours. You're doing a great job of raising thechildren, wendy, to be equipped even in the basics. We have to eat to survive, right ? !

    Love you all, thank you for the great 'tutorial'> wonderful camera you received there ! :) love grammy@

  2. That looks delicious! You are doing a wonderful job of helping your mother Anna! So proud of you! She is a great teacher!
    Love you!

  3. That looks delicious! Great job helping your mother Anna! I am so proud of you! She is a good teacher!
    Love ya,

  4. Anna,
    I know exactly what this is and I am very excited to have the recipe.
    I wish we could make it together!!!
    I hope to make your Tajik salad for Aunt Heather and Uncle Mike when we are visiting with them in late August/early September.
    Love you lots,