Sunday, December 2, 2012


Here we are on Thanksgiving morning. We decided to have a special breakfast before a feast later in the day. We had a lovely day (the cinnamon rolls were a hit) and some friends invited us to a Thanksgiving meal- complete with turkey and dressing.

I am very thankful for all of these people around the table(cloth!)  Moving back to Central Asia this year, I am so glad that Scott and the kids come with me. And, I am so thankful for Lissie. She has been a big blessing to us this fall.

 I love that Scott and I got married the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It is wonderful to celebrate thanksgiving and our anniversary so close together and each year I am very thankful for my husband. We celebrated 13 years this week and Scott brought this hugely beautiful bouquet home. We had a wonderful night out and had our first date without Will since he has born! Thanks again to Lissie for watching all four kiddos!

We have all of our heaters out now and here is Will playing with the saw dust that we burn in the heater behind Katie in the picture above. He is a magnet to messes and danger! 

The view outside of our house. The mountains all around the city are so beautiful and are now covered with snow.

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  1. Beautiful pics-beautiful precious friends. Thanking our dear saviour for you all. And what a sweet thing it is to read your posts and see your pics. We are with you in spirit and prayer.

    From all OF us.