Thursday, November 22, 2012

A few snippets

 Anna has a friend that has had a peanut butter making business for the past several years. Anna has learned how to make the peanut butter and  this is the first liter she sold! Demand is high since you can't buy peanut butter here locally and it is time consuming to make.She is excited about the possibility of some extra pocket money!

 Anna and I ready to attend our neighbor's wedding.

Our other cuties!


  1. Oh, what a sight for sore eyes ! You all look so lovely !!!! Anna, honey you are growing into such a young lady now! You've always been such a worker bee and you still are! good job on that peanut butter honey, that's amazing diligence :)

    Will baby, will are full of such exhuberance!

    Katie and Michael wow ! katie you get prettier every day sweetheart, such a beautiful smile ! and Mikey, I can tell you are growing into a young man now ! I know you don't like to smothered with kisses, but too probably will when I see you next, lol ! When we get there, it will be your turn to take PAPA exploring! He sure misses those times with you.

    love you all...! grammy

  2. All the kids are cuties! Mom too. But not Scott. Grin.