Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Let the fun begin

Well, our internet connection is slow enough that I am having trouble uploading a picture. Kind of a bummer since that is the point of setting up this blog..... Hopefully, it is a temporary set-back and you will be viewing a lovely picture of the kids and their piggy banks. They painted them and are now eagerly saving for something special. It will be interesting to see what "something special" is but at least now their coins won't get lost or spent on gum or ice cream immediately. We have soft serve ice cream sellers on our street so that is a favorite these hot summer days.
The good news is that we are about to leave the country for vacation. Hopefully, that means lots of great pictures and a fast internet connection!

Well, it worked and here they are! Hopefully more to come...


  1. You have been greatly blessed with beautiful children. My, how fast they are growing up! Daniel

  2. I'm so glad you started a blog! Great picture of the kids, especially all those baby teeth. Tell Anna congratulations for the "lost" teeth! ~the Tjarks family