Friday, June 12, 2015

Piano Princess and Cultural Experiences

 Recently, Katie had her second piano recital of the year. She played very well! At her first recital, around Christmas, all the other girls wore big, fluffy, white dresses and they all looked like princesses. Katie wore a pretty black dress, but she felt out of place without a fluffy, white, princess dress. So, this time when a recital was announced, I told Katie we would look for the perfect dress. We went to the bozaar and found a beautiful, fluffy dress. But, it wasn't white, it was red. When we arrived to the recital, this time, all the girls wore pretty but simple dresses, like the one Katie wore at Christmas. This time, Katie was the princess! 

Next year, if Katie plays at a recital, I'll ask the teacher what the dress code is!


  1. What a lovely, beautiful princess! Please tell her the Reynolds family is proud of her piano efforts!

  2. You look beautiful, Katie! I am so proud of your piano accomplishments! Love you!

  3. She looks beautiful! This makes me smile, because it reminds me of how all the children in Katia's kindergarten would "just know" to come to school in fluffy dresses on certain occasions (like March 8) and we were left out of the loop.