Friday, July 18, 2014

God's own handiwork

As I walked around in our beautiful city park, I was amazed at the beauty of theses two statues. But next to the  sun (above) and the moon (below), they were nothing! God was really saying to me, "My creation is much more wonderful then human's handiwork"! And when I saw this I had to take pictures. Hey everyone???? Isn't Gods creation much more Beautiful then ours?

written by Anna Pittman (pictures taken by Anna too)

(Note from Mom: We were standing in the middle of these 2 statues and from the same place we could look in one direction and see the sun and the monument above and look in the other direction and see the statue and the moom below)

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  1. amen, Anna....what a perfect thought about the Lord and His creation. I love you so much! grammy