Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mountain Hike

Over Easter weekend, we went on a mountain hike with some of our friends. It was a great adventure: crossing a river, rigorous climbs, beautiful flowers, and a hail storm. Overall, it was a beautiful place to enjoy with friends. This pic was taken at the top of our journey up.
 The grassy parts of the hike had lots of beautiful spring flowers. Katie posed for a picture.
 Our destination: a waterfall. (This was a zoomed in picture)
 We reached the top of the waterfall and this is looking down from the top.

This is actually a different waterfall closer to the river.  The kids dunked themselves in the freezing water.
 Michael and his friend climbed up the tree as if there was no problem climbing a tree overlooking a mountain.
 This part of the hike was the most scary. Dad was a "little" frustrated.
Isn't he cute??

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