Friday, October 26, 2012

Kitchen "Help"

 I was making pumpkin bread and my "helper" managed to pull the pumpkin/egg/ sugar mixture off the counter. Life with a one-year old: always an adventure.

As I got the camera, he started licking the sweet stuff off his clothes!


  1. You're a wise mama to grab the camera...and laugh. That "little" guy is so tall that he'll probably bring new meaning to the term "baby proofing"! I thank God regularly that He allowed me to visit your home. Our time with you was so precious to both Jim and me! We love being able to picture the things you and Lissie post about!
    With love, Denise

  2. The kids and Lissie said that this time, I screamed louder than the usual "WILL!!"

  3. Oh i found some pictures on this blog I had missed somehow. LOL... looks like he enjoys his foodies :)