Thursday, July 19, 2012

Swinging and other new things

 I was thrilled to find this swing on our travels. It is amazing what you can find in this part of the world! Now,  we hope to find a kiddie pool and swings for the big kids......

I heard Scott and the kids opening the box and a while later I ran outside when I heard my baby giggling. This is what I found. I think he likes it!!  This mom thinks this is one adorable little guy!
 This picture captures some of the summer fun for these 3 kids. Books and kittens!! The older 2 have been reading like crazy since Dad was able to ship some books here from our old home. There are also plenty for Katie and Will to enjoy too!  Katie is also reading really well. We are thrilled!
Michael must not have wanted to be distracted from reading to take this picture....

This picture is from the day of our party. "What is going on around here anyway?"

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