Friday, June 17, 2011

South Dakota Vacation, part 1

We had a great vacation with Papa and Grammy Pittman in the Black Hills, SD. However, the vacation is going to require several posts because there was so much to do and see!! First stop on the journey was the corn palace in Mitchell, SD. The murals on the palace inside and out are all made of corn.

Next stop, Wall Drug Store in Wall, SD. It is a massive store covering a city block. We especially liked the homemade doughnuts!

Here's the girls with one of the displays inside the store. The statue in the back was "peddling" a special tonic that would cure all your ills and attract women too!

Because of all the stops, it took us a full day to get to our cabin. That first night, the camp site seemed especially remote (requiring driving through some crazy turns) and our cabin was COLD. But after a good night sleep, with heaters, we appreciated the beauty and all the fun things for the kids to do there! This picture shows some of our campers in front of our cabin.

A few days later, Daddy, Anna, and Michael hiked up the hill behind our camp site. Here's one of the pics they took. More to come!

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